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Eko-bord MINI

(± 2mm)
27 mm
(± 5mm)
1000 mm
(± 2mm)
65 mm
(± 0,05kg)
0,3 kg
ColorDark graphite


Product description

The most important advantages of „EKO-BORD” are:

The possibility of making both straight and curved pavement edging, especially when using the setts of „starobruk” type. Because of its construction, „EKO-BORD” is an optically invisible part of pavements.

Using „ECO-BORD”, it is possible to mark out and mark off gravel or grit paths of any shape e.g. the paths for pedestrians or bikes in parks and green areas; it can also be used to separate lawns from farmland.

The edging will impress you with its easy and quick assembly, without the need of digging the ground, which makes the work less laborious and significantly reduces the costs of building pavements

What is more, the edging is made from recyclables, which is very important for the protection of the environment, especially now, when the amount of waste is getting bigger and bigger.

Eko-Bord Mini – Use

  • sett, 4cm high
  • granite 4x6
  • pavement and terrace tiles
  • rolled grass
  • grit and gravel pavements, hardened with resin e.g. terraway